Viticulture Practices at Dominus Estate

During the winter season, precise cane pruning ensures ideal cluster spacing for optimal fruit ripening.

Dry farming relies on a deep root system to take advantage of natural water sources from rain and underground supplies.

The French plough removes invasive weeds and encourages deep root growth.

Cluster thinning optimizes quality through yield regulation.

Strategic trellising ensures perfect canopy management.

Frequent grape sampling provides invaluable data for determining optimal ripeness.

Rinsing the grapes 10 to 15 days before harvest removes dust and enhances the purity of the fruit.

Hand-picking with small french shears instead of harvest knives minimizes bruising and vine damage.

Small harvest baskets preserve the integrity of the clusters as they are transported to the winery.

The sunny side of the vines is picked a few days before the shady side respecting perfect maturity.

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Grapes are hand picked with small
shears at the time of harvest

Individual berries are frequently sampled
for quality and size prior to harvest

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